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MK8432 CNC Roller Grinder
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MK8432 CNC Roller Grinder

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MK8432 CNC roll hole grinder is a diamond grinding wheel as a cutting tool. It is mainly used for rough grinding, semi-finish grinding, fine grinding and rough grinding of the outer circle and R-groove groove of tungsten carbide carbide ring for high-speed wire production High-precision and powerful grinding machine for non-spark grinding and other grinding processes. It is a roll ring grinding equipment with very mature technology.


Technical Parameters

Processing range

Grindable diameter(mm)


Grindable maximum length(mm)


Maximum weight of workpiece(Kg)


Roller ring processing accuracy

Roundness ruler groove roundness (mm)


Radial runout of ruler groove (mm)


The end face of the roller ring jumps (mm)


Processing surface roughness (μm)


Headstock spindle speed r / min

0~200(Stepless speed regulation)


0~240(Stepless speed regulation)


Grinding wheel frame

Wheel size(mm)

or Φ250×45

Wheel speed m/sec

20   50HZ

24   60HZ

Spindle speed r/min

1910  50HZ

2292  60HZ


Overall workbench


Motor Power

Motor power of grinding wheel frame(KW)


Motor power of headstock(KW)



Length × width × height(mm)


Net weight of machine tool





1. The vertical and horizontal movement of the machine tool is driven by a ball screw with a screw diameter of 63mm.

2. The machine tool adopts Siemens 828D numerical control system, the servo motor has large torque, and the vertical and horizontal torques are 27NM and 36NM, respectively.

3. The machine tool adopts the ruler ruler for longitudinal and horizontal position detection, and feeds back to the numerical control system to realize closed-loop control.

4. The workpiece rotary axis is driven by a 5KW side frequency conversion motor. The CNC system realizes stepless speed regulation.

5. The motor power of the grinding wheel is 18.5Kw.

6. The machine tool adopts independent control console, independent electric cabinet, and is equipped with high-precision two-axis digital display device.

7. The grinding wheel spindle bearing adopts high precision, high rigidity dynamic and static pressure liquid bearings, and is equipped with an independent oil supply system.

8. The static pressure unloading guide rail is adopted for the movement of the workbench and the bed, which is stable and reliable.

9. The high-precision imported rolling bearing of the headstock main shaft bearing has a long service life.

10. Roller ring clamping adopts high-precision liquid plastic expanding mandrel, which is easy to install and dismount.

11. Cooling liquid is double filtered by magnetic separator and paper filter to improve grinding precision and efficiency.

12. The numerical control system is easy to control, and can exchange data with external equipment through CF card and RS232.


Main accessories:

Machine mattress iron 9 sets

Cooling magnetic paper filter water tank 1 set of digital display device

Special accessories:

Diamond grinding wheel chuck 1 set Groove depth measuring instrument 1 set Plastic fixture (according to demand drawing) 1 set

Technical information, etc. 1 set

See the packing list for details.

MX250 grinding wheel dresser

MX250 is a high-precision special machine tool that uses silicon carbide grinding wheels as cutting tools and is mainly used for grinding and trimming the hole shape and outer circle of diamond grinding wheels.

(1) The main structure is as follows:

1. The diamond dressing machine consists of two sets of carriages and two sets of spindle systems, which are driven by separate motors.

2. Workpiece alignment detection and shape detection are all realized by optical projector.

3. Workpiece centering movement is made up of four sets of handwheels with carriage, and the minimum feed value of handwheel is 0.01mm. The two horizontal displacements are 60mm each, and a locking device is provided for centering adjustment.

4. Workpiece speed regulation adopts mechanical stepless speed change.

5. Grinding wheel diameter is 250mm, width is 20mm, and its linear speed is 35m / s.

6. The maximum feed of the grinding wheel is 80mm, and the minimum feed is 0.01mm.

7. The reciprocating swing of the grinding wheel is mechanical, with a swing speed of 40 doubles / min and a swing length of 60 mm.

8. The arc movement of the grinding wheel is manual, the maximum swing angle of the arc is 190 °, and the convex arc size is R2.5mm ~ R38mm.

9. Random optical projector can ensure the detection of trimming profile. The optical magnification is 10 times, the projection is clear without ghosts, shadows and other defects, the detection accuracy of the optical projector is 0.01mm, and the projection screen is 380mm.


Main accessories:

1. Optical projector 1 set

2. Cooling system 1 set

3. Grinding wheel (silicon carbide) and flange 2 sets

4. Hole template (as required drawings) 1 set

5. Technical documents

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