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XK8450HD CNC Heavy Roll Milling Machine

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XK8450HD CNC Heavy Roll Milling Machine
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XK8450HD CNC Heavy Roll Milling Machine

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1. This series of machine tools have three rectangular guide rails, super audio frequency quenching, HRC48 or more, good rigidity, can bear a large cutting force, good wear resistance and good accuracy retention.

2. The headstock adopts ß-type worm gear drive, with high transmission precision and no backlash.

3. The machine tool tailstock adopts a fixed center to rotate relative to the tailstock sleeve to avoid the problem of insufficient support rigidity caused by the use of a movable center. The tailstock sleeve is 180mm larger in diameter.

4. The longitudinal movement of the machine tool flying knife carriage does not cause relative interference with the tailstock. At the same time, there is no requirement for the minimum diameter of the roll.

5. The machine tool adopts ball screw drive in the lateral direction, which avoids the inaccurate T-type screw drive.

6. The horizontal guide rail is supported by high rigidity linear guide rail with high sensitivity.

7. The flying knife and the swing head are installed side by side, and they can move back and forth independently of each other. And driven by ball screw, the system is automatically controlled.

6. The longitudinal direction of the machine tool adopts ball screw drive, which is automatically controlled by the CNC system. It can realize the automatic movement of one hole pattern to the next hole pattern, accurate positioning, no manual manual movement, and digital display auxiliary display coordinates.

7. The BT40 spindle with large diameter of the fly cutter spindle can meet the requirement of processing 50mm equal height ribs.

8. The flying knife transmission mechanism adopts pure gear transmission, which has stable transmission and high positioning accuracy.

8. The flying knife support structure draws on the characteristics of the same type of machine tool in Italy. The support block adopts the arc surface support, which has good support effect. At the same time, the movable top support is used at the top of the tool bar to improve the support rigidity and accuracy of the tool bar.

9. The machine tool can process rolls of various materials, such as chilled cast iron, high nickel chromium, medium nickel chromium composite rolls, high speed steel rolls, cemented carbide rolls.

10. The lettering spindle adopts the electric spindle structure with stepless speed regulation.

11. This series of machine tools have the inherent characteristics of high power, high speed, low noise, strong rigidity, high precision and good accuracy retention, as well as external characteristics such as beautiful and elegant shape, compact and reasonable layout, intuitive image and flexible operation. It is safe, reliable and pleasant.

12. The electrical box of the machine tool adopts industrial refrigeration to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool in a high temperature environment.

13. The machine tool is suitable for processing cast iron rollers, high speed steel rollers, high boron rollers, cemented carbide rollers, etc.

14. The numerical control system adopts Mitsubishi numerical control system, six-axis four linkage, liquid crystal display.

15. The flying knife mechanism and the lettering mechanism are installed in parallel, and the system automatically switches. The two functions of milling and lettering are completed in one clamping.

16. The system has automatic programming, pre-assembly processing technology of hard alloy roller ring, high-speed steel roller and ordinary roller. The system has a character library for processing character trademarks. No manual programming is required, and the degree of automation is high.

2. Main technical parameters

1. The maximum diameter of the processing roll D 600 can be increased to 800 mm

2. The maximum length of the processing roll L 2500 can be increased to 4000 mm

3. Suitable for roll thread groove specification d 5-60 can be increased to 70 mm

4. Suitable for processing roll materials: high nickel chromium, medium nickel chromium composite rolls, high speed steel rolls, cemented carbide rolls

5. The maximum weight of the workpiece between the centers is 3000 Kg

6. 500mm four-jaw chuck for headstock spindle

7. Headstock spindle taper hole Mohs 6 #

8, flying cutter spindle cutting speed 0-600 rpm

9, tailstock sleeve diameter 180mm

10. Tailstock sleeve taper Morse 6 #

11. Tailstock sleeve stroke 150mm

12. High-precision ball screw diameter Φ40mm (Z axis), Φ50mm (A axis)

13, the smallest unit of longitudinal movement 0.001mm

14. Programming minimum setting 0.001 °, 0.001mm

15. Servo control system Japan Mitsubishi CNC system

16. Rated output power of servo motor X: 1.5KW / Y: 3.5KW / Z: 3.5KW / A: 1.5KW / B: 1.5KW / C: 1.5KW

17. Number of control axes Six axes (X, Y, Z, A, B, C)

18. Linked axis Any four axes

19. Processing method: flying knife processing transverse rib groove + swing head processing trademark text + swing head processing cast iron roll transverse rib groove

20 、 Electric spindle power 2.2KW

21. Rotating speed of the electric spindle of the milling head 30-12000 rpm

22. Lettering spindle inverter Delta

23. Electric box Industrial refrigeration LA500W

24 、 Cooling pump motor 90W voltage (380V)

25. Control system power supply 220V, 50HZ

26. Main motor power supply 380V, 50HZ

27. Machine tool guide rail width 1200mm

28 、 Machine tool weight 8.5T

29. Machine tool dimensions Length 4500 Width 2300 Height 1900

3. Introduction of the main components of the machine tool

1. Bed

Adopts overall structure, resin sand shape, and three rectangular guide rails adopt medium frequency quenching and grinding process, the bed width is 1200mm, has good wear resistance and accuracy retention, and has excellent stiffness, vibration resistance and resistance to cross-sectional distortion. The bed has undergone advanced finite element mechanical analysis, which theoretically confirms the rationality of the structure, excellent rigidity, seismic resistance and resistance to cross-sectional distortion.

2. Spindle box

The main shaft adopts two-point support, reasonable bearing configuration and span design, and the main shaft has high rigidity and bearing capacity. The optimized design of the transmission system and the worm gear processed by the high-frequency quenching and grinding process mesh with the ß-shaped copper worm gear, so that the spindle box has the characteristics of low noise, high transmission accuracy and large output torque.

3. Tailstock

Is composed of integral castings. The taper hole of the tailstock sleeve is Morse No. 5. The tailstock has the characteristics of high precision, strong carrying capacity, long maintenance period, and reliable work.

4. Drag board

The main function of this part is used to complete various feeds. In order to effectively prevent the longitudinal crawling of the large pallet feed, the pallet rail pair adopts the method of pasting high-performance PTFE soft tape; the vertical and horizontal branch structure completely eliminates the problem of vertical and horizontal feed linkage, and improves the machine tool. Reliability.

Flying knife adopts gear structure transmission of servo reducer, pure gear transmission, and the arbor is directionally connected with BT40 tool holder.

Lettering milling head The spindle adopts electric spindle, and the frequency converter has stepless speed regulation.

7. Electrical system

Electrical system mainly realizes strong and weak current control, effectively integrates electromechanical, can easily realize the control and operation of the machine tool, all electrical components are selected through CE European safety certification products.

Electrical control box adopts industrial air conditioning to ensure that the machine tool can work normally in harsh environments such as high temperature.

8. Machine working accuracy

XK8450 CNC roll transverse rib groove and mark combination processing machine implements Q / 320684AJY01 / 02 "CNC roll transverse rib groove and mark combination processing machine tool" standard.

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